Reeves Fine Acrylic Paints

Reeves Fine Artist Quality Acrylic Colours have a high pigment concentration to give them excellent lightfastness and strong vibrant colours.  Reeves acrylic paints offer outstanding coverage. The superior acrylic resin used guarantees excellent adhesion and a free flowing consistency. You will enjoy different ways to use Reeves acrylics, straight from the tube to create impasto effects and build volume, like oil colour, or diluted with water to execute water colour or poster colour techniques.





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Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours Professional Quality

In accordance with proven traditional methods of production, all Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours are carefully stone milled to enhance the individual brilliance of each carefully selected pigment, and to maximize its handling qualities.

Art Spectrum watercolours have the distinct advantage of being composed only of lightfast pigments - for instance, Alizarin Crimson is not offered in our range because it is known to be fugitive. We have replaced this colour with a lightfast Permanent Crimson.

Art Spectrum watercolours have a very high pigment content and thus give stronger tints and clean mixes, resulting in outstanding value for money.






Art Spectrum Oil Paints





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Matisse Oil Paints

Matisse Structure Formula is a rich impasto paint that artists love. Available in 95 colours, Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with a brush or palette knife for striking textured effects, or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.

The intense, vibrant colours of the Structure Formula paints cover the full colour spectrum, including several uniquely Australian colours.






Renoir Quality Watercolours

12 x 12ml tubes of Water Colour Paint





ZIG Calligraphy Pen Oblique & Square Tip

 These Callligraphy Pens feature a angled nib perfect for all forms of lettering and text.

These pens have water based dye and are xylene free. Available in 3 sizes. Other colours also available. Please contact us for more information.